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A well-known risk factor that can easily damage your smile exists in the form of dental erosion. Dental erosion is a common issue that plagues many individuals by slowly wearing down the tooth enamel on your teeth. If your tooth enamel is extremely worn, a hole, known as a cavity, can form in the tooth enamel. To help prevent cavities, effective dental erosion prevention plans must be put into place. For a list of common prevention options, look below:

– Dental erosion, also known as enamel erosion, can arise due to risk factors associated with dry mouth and a lack of saliva.
– Excessive consumption of sugary or starchy products can increase your risk of dental erosion due to the fact these products can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth.
– Genetic predispositions and environmental factors can increase your risk for dental erosion.
– Acid reflux disease is a known cause of dental erosion.
– You can help keep your smile free of acids and bacteria responsible for dental erosion by practicing effective oral hygiene routines such as brushing and flossing daily.
– To help limit the effects of dental erosion, always use effective cleaning tools such as brushing with soft bristles.
– A healthy diet that includes enamel-building minerals and low amounts of unhealthy substances can lower your risk for dental erosion.

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