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Do you notice any strange symptoms with your child to alert you to the presence of teething? When a child is teething, they often show several marked symptoms alerting you to its presence. If you notice any teeth that are breaking above the gumline, the chance of discomfort in the child is extremely high. To help alleviate the discomfort that your child may feel, various teething treatments and tools will be required.

If your child is currently undergoing the effects of teething, they may experience and show various signs and symptoms of visual clues of its presence. If your child has fussiness and irritability, deprived sleeping habits, excessive drooling or a loss of appetite, the condition may be the cause. However, if extreme symptoms of diarrhea or fevers and rashes begin to develop, contact our pediatric dentist.

There are several teething treatments that can be applied to help your child. By using teething tools to gently rub against their gums, you can help alleviate discomfort. By using a small spoon, your sanitized finger or a teething ring, various teething issues can be treated. However, additional pain relievers, such as teething tablets, need to be given under the guidance of our pediatric dentist.

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