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Individuals who have bad oral habits are often at increased risk for suffering chipped teeth and injury to the soft oral tissues in the mouth. In some of these cases the person might be nervously nibbling on a pen, pencil or other foreign object and a piece breaks off, becoming uncomfortably lodged in their gum line.

In a moment like this our dentist notes that it’s important to remain calm. You don’t want to further wound your gums by acting rashly.

You should never use a toothpick or other pointed tool to remove something from your gumline. With a little luck vigorous rinse with lukewarm salt water might be able to dislodge the offending fragment. If this fails, carefully working waxed dental floss into the area might be able to extract it. The special coating on the strand helps gently insert the strand without accidentally snapping it into the already irritated gums.

If these simple first aid measures fail to extricate the fragment from your gumline, you can seek emergency treatment from a dentist like Dr. Stephen Woodard. The tools and techniques at his disposal can help safely remove the foreign object while preventing further periodontal distress.

If you are in the Spokane Valley, Washington, region and you have something lodged in your gum line, you can 509-924-8585 to have it professionally extricated at our office.