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If you have suffered any missing teeth, you can have them replaced with permanent replacements called dental implants. They are extremely durable due to the effect of drilling and installing them directly into the jawbone for a hold that can last a lifetime. Not only will your smile improve with a full set, but your self-esteem will skyrocket as well.

When a tooth is lost from your mouth, you jawbone can become weaker. Without teeth to hold tight to, it can cause your gums to shift, and even have a negative effect on causing misalignments in other teeth still in your mouth. Replacing the gap with a dental implant is not only important for your other teeth, but for your jawbone as well. After insertion, the jawbone can undergo a process called Osseointegration, which causes the jaw to stretch around the implant, giving it a tighter grip and making it more a part of your natural smile.

One of the most popular reasons for getting jaw implants continues to be their functionality. If you have suffered tooth loss, depending on the location, your eating, chewing and speaking habits can be disrupted. With dental implants, you can return as close to your natural skills as before. Dentures can tend to slip and slide in your mouth and are not as beneficial for eating tough foods like steak or apple. Implants can perform these tasks with ease.

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