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When you hurt a tooth, or if you have a toothache that persists for a while, it’s easy to just write it off as something that’ll resolve itself or doesn’t need fixing. However, the opposite is true. Even with how busy healthcare gets around this time of year, it’s still far better to get tooth problems treated instead of outright ignoring them.

Fractured teeth

If you break a tooth hard enough to fracture it so that the pulp (the living bundle of nerves and blood vessels inside of the tooth) is exposed, you automatically put the pulp at risk of infection. If that occurs, you can end up losing the tooth and others as well if the infection isn’t stopped in time. Usually, stopping this requires a root canal.

If you fracture a tooth this badly, you need immediate medical treatment.

A toothache that won’t go away

The other time during which you shouldn’t feel bad about getting medical help is if you develop a toothache that refuses to go away. This is usually a sign of a cavity, or in rare cases, tooth decay or gum disease. Regardless if the ache is caused by a small cavity or a serious abscess (infection in the tooth) you can’t afford to let anything go for too long. A small cavity can spread and affect other teeth quickly, and that’s an oral health problem you don’t want.

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