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If you have developed a dental cavity, our dentist may suggest that you receive a dental filling, which necessitates the removal of any decayed areas of the tooth before we refill the tooth with the dental filling. Dental fillings can also repair damaged areas that are worn down, cracked, or broken. If you are considering a dental filling, we would be happy to provide more information on the procedure and how to care for a dental filling.

What is the process of placing a dental filling?
The process of placing a dental filling requires Dr. Stephen Woodard to remove any areas of tooth decay and then test the tooth to ensure any decay has been removed. We will then clean the tooth to remove any lingering bacteria and debris so that our dentist can place the dental filling layer by layer on a clean surface. We harden each layer with a curing light as it’s placed and then trim, shape, and polish the final filling.

How should I care for a dental filling?
Proper dental filling care requires the practice of effective oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once every day. It is also important to visit the dentist at least every six months. If it seems that your dental filling is leaking or has become cracked, we can take dental X-rays to evaluate the situation. Please contact us if you have noticed sensitivity, a missing piece, or a crack in the dental filling so that we can schedule an appointment.

You are welcome to contact Stephen Woodard today at 509-924-8585 for a visit with Dr. Stephen Woodard if you have any questions about caring for a dental filling in Spokane Valley, Washington.