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Chips and dental fractures in tooth enamel can vary in size and severity. Sometimes a simple dental filling can be used to repair a small chip before a new cavity can develop in the compromised area.

However, your dentist might recommend a dental crown restoration if the tooth has been significantly weakened. This is even more likely to be the case if he notices a new area of tooth decay developing.

The first step of the dental restoration calls for Dr. Stephen Woodard to clear away the entire tooth enamel layer. This leaves behind a pillar of healthy dentin which is known as an abutment. It will eventually provide a strong anchor for the crown.

Dr. Stephen Woodard will then form a detailed impression of the abutment and the related teeth in your dentition. It will be sent to a dental lab where to guide dental technicians in creating your dental crown. If the tooth will be visible in your smile, Dr. Stephen Woodard might recommend having the dental crown created from dental grade porcelain.

A member of Dr. Stephen Woodard’s staff will call you to schedule a follow up appointment when your dental crown is ready. Dr. Stephen Woodard will remove the temporary crown before using a strong dental adhesive to cement the dental work in place.

If you live in the Spokane Valley, Washington, area and you have a chipped or fractured tooth, you shouldn’t delay in calling 509-924-8585 to seek professional treatment at Stephen Woodard.